Are Escort services helping the society?


A female escort is a type of sex worker who provides sex services and / or support for money. The desire for these escort services has shifted from street corners to easily accessible online websites (Castle & Lee, 2008). With the advent of the Internet, soliciting sexual partners through escort ads has allowed escorts to promote physical features and descriptions and gain greater control over their businesses and users (cocaine, bembi, parsons, and holkites,  2004). On these escort service websites, women often post pictures of themselves, which they present, describe their physical characteristics, and indicate the amount they charge for the services.  Analysis of the information provided in escort ads may allow unique means of discovering short-term matching preferences.

Prostitution of women can be seen as a short-term sexual strategy (Bus, 1994), where men engage in opportunism in exchange for immediate financial allocation to women. Since prostitution is a sexual act, one would expect that the preferred variables of the partner observed in the context of the selection of another short-term partner would also be present in the context of prostitution. Prostitutes who have traits that are highly valued by most men should be able to get the highest prices in this sex market.


  1- Coded concessions

Information about escorts was obtained from the online escort directory. The site was chosen because of the large number of advertisements and the integrated and organized structure of the data (ie each profile was designed to allow the presentation of women’s measurements, photographs and biographical information in a standard online template). A total of 3,599 female escort ads were collected for the study. After controlling the duplicates, the final sample of escort ads was 2,925. Thai escorts London the result of a website that allowed escorts to advertise in different states and cities, which created several ads for these escorts.


Used a custom data processing program to extract all textual information from the ad, including name, gender, age, hair color, eye color, height, bruise, weight, waist, hips and race, contact information.  Maybe or maybe not. Price is not included.  WHR was calculated by dividing each escort’s waist measurement by their respective hip measurements.

  3- The process

The website used a content management system (CMS) to display information on each escort, allowing the use of automated data capture techniques. Due to the dynamic nature of the website, a snapshot was taken on June 4, 2013, which took 4 hours to download using a custom program specially designed for this purpose. The dynamic nature of the website changes daily, so the manual coding of the ads will have to be done one at a time which will take more time to submit.


There are four limitations to this study that should be discussed. First, the study used the data provided in the ads, so it is not possible to confirm whether the data provided was an actual representation of the escorts. It also deals with the problem of images. There was no way to determine if the ad contained pictures of an escort claiming to be a person, nor was there any way to verify any of the tested signs.  However, it does not matter if the content advertised is true or not. If the content advertised is male-dominated, and if the content is expected to charge online escorts, then the legal status of the advertised content may be irrelevant.

Looking for the future

Future research should try to uncover further strategies on how online escorts market themselves for patrons. Additional physical (e.g., facial features, race), behaviors (e.g. client and girlfriend / porn star experiences characteristic, respectively), and psychological characteristics (e.g., self-esteem aspects, narcissistic tendencies)  Can be displayed in escorts. The profiles, similar to the physical data reported in this study, relate to the price charged for sexual services.


There is considerable evidence that men prefer young, attractive women as short-term partners (Bus & Schmidt, 1993; Curzban & Weiden, 2005; Lee & Kanark, 2006), and prostitution in short. Period is considered a form of intercourse. How and what can be the promotion of female escorts, including nudity, flirtation, display of pictures emphasizing beauty, and giving the impression of how satisfying it would be to have sex with them.  Basically, it is their way of increasing the demand, especially against their competitors, by trying to be considered highly desirable.  The results of this study have identified evolutionary factors related to advertising fees for sex services, which have also been found to be important in the context of other short-term dating.