My Wife Is Pregnant. What Should I Do?

First of all, take proper care of your wife. Give her all your love and attention. 

When you find out that your wife is pregnant and you’re going to be a dad after nine months, it’s okay to go a little wild and nuts. Becoming a parent is an act of pride, hope, and love. She might also be going through the same feeling. After all, both of you are equal partners in bringing this magical moment.

Here are some tips you need to follow when your wife is pregnant:

Educate Yourself

To know and understand what your wife is going through, you’ve to educate yourself. Learn what happens to her body and mind during pregnancy. You need to take care of many things when your wife conceives a baby. 

So, educate yourself about food habits, clothing, and other important things, like morning sickness and supplement intake. Support her accordingly.

Also, make sure she eats enough vegetables, fruits, and nuts as recommended by her doctor. Make everything that is good for her available to her right away. All in all, ensure that she gets enough nutrition.

Always Talk to Her

During pregnancy, your wife might be scared, tired, and overwhelmed. To cope with all these, she might want an attentive ear. She needs someone to lean on and talk to. 

So, dad-to-be, always be there for her. You might also need to be apprehensive. In addition, you might also overwhelm yourself knowing that you’re going to be a dad soon. 

Talk to her and express your feelings to her. In this way, both of you will feel better and loved by each other. Both of you will navigate this roller coaster ride easily. Make sure you always keep all communication lines open. It helps both of you!

Accept Her Mood Swings

Pregnancy comes with mood swings that can be troublesome for you. Hormonal changes, tiredness, exhaustion, and a sense of discomfort can make her moody during this time. One moment she is bursting with laughter, while she might start crying the next minute. She cannot help it. It’s going inside her!

Don’t worry or panic. All she needs is your shoulder to cry on. So, keep yourself available to her. Never make her feel lonely.

Also, you’ve to accept her food cravings and aversions. If she enjoys pancakes today, she might throw up tomorrow at their mention. So, be supportive to her in her choices.

Accompany Her to Doctor Visits

She may have to visit the doctor several times during the nine months. Ask a family member to accompany her. But, if possible, you should try to accompany her to doctor’s visits and ultrasound scans yourself.

Go with her for monthly check-ups. Hold her when she undergoes ultrasound scans. During this lovely moment, you can also hear the heartbeat of your little one in her womb. Then, you can see its image on the screen. All of these are going to make the greatest memories of your life to look back on.

Maintain Intimacy Between Both of You

The first trimester of pregnancy may not be conducive for sex. Your wife might feel overly tired, and you might feel overwhelmed too. You should not stop cuddling, kissing, and hugging no matter what. But never force her for anything. A little touch of love, kissing, and cuddling will make her feel comfortable. 

If you still can’t control your sexual desires, you may think about masturbation or a BBDoll Sex Doll. This lifelike love doll feels like making love with a real woman. But, of course, your wife should also be comfortable with the idea of using a sex toy or love doll. 

Answer all her Calls

Whether it’s an emergency call or she just wants to soothe herself by hearing your voice, you’ve to pay attention to her. Try to answer every single call made by her. 

It’s important to understand that pregnancy is a life-changing experience. And, your wife will change from what she was before pregnancy. All she needs is your love, support, and care as much as possible. And, you are the best person in the role to provide all this. The more you support and love her, the more comfortable and cheerful she will feel.

Plan your Future with her

Awaiting the birth of your new baby is very exciting. But, responsible parents always plan for the future so that they are fully prepared once the baby arrives. So, be a responsible parent and plan together.

Discuss every important thing with her, and this will encourage your wife and remind her of your togetherness. Then, you can plan things like what type of lifestyle you plant for the baby, the name of the baby, and many more lovely kinds of stuff.

Help her with Household Chores

It is important to find enough time to help her with household chores. It can become very tiresome and hard for her to keep the house managed during pregnancy. So, make sure you do your part and share this responsibility with her. a

Please remember that carrying a baby is not easy. So, make sure that the two of you become a partner in everything. She should never feel overwhelmed or stressed because of anything. 

Also, cook with her because she will be at ease and appreciate the gesture. If possible, you can take some duties fully either.

Final Tips

Become a good listener to your wife. Listen to her complaints, fears, worries, and requests with patience. All in all, you’ve to treat her like your baby before the baby arrives. Always surround her with yourself and her loved ones. Keep her in a calming state of mind. This is all your duty, and so, make sure you fulfill all your responsibilities mindfully and happily.

Follow all of these tips to make the whole pregnancy journey comfortable and a pleasant experience for both of you. It’s a wonderful experience, and by being responsible, you can make it magical to always look back at in the future.