Hot Steamy Ways to a Hot, Sexy Evening!

If you want to know about sex and the best sex levels to delay ejaculation, there is no better person than this to ask a male porn star. Their secrets are the envy of every person cannot help but can be completed faster and better. My girlfriend gets frustrated with my acting every time we get hooked. No matter what I try, things always look worse. I wanted to end my life very quickly.

Thankfully I did something about it. My ex-girlfriend was nice and everything, but now I’m sure I can satisfy the women who come back to my place. We broke up, but now I’m on the field and have found my pretty pornstars lifetime.

How did it change my life? 

Well, the first step is to admit that I have a problem. I took off my pride and asked my model friend if there were any tips. Before you know it he calls his porn star buddy and I’m on the phone with him. Talk about insulting!

Thankfully he could not be a better person. He was happy to share some tips, one of which was some ideas on the best way to romance. The positions you choose will greatly affect the stimulus you experience, so how long will you stay?


Usually, you align your penis with hers. The positions where your feet touch and your chests put pressure on your small areas. So try the missionary position, but not the push-up position. Keep her on top, but keep her as close to you as possible. Spinning also, if you are not very fast, great choice. Instead, stay away from any way you end up vertically with her. Your penis resists against them in an uncontrolled manner. It can be very high at any time. So stay away from doggy style and reverse curlers.

This is only one step. The pretty pornstars bed has lingering ideas and methods, but it was my pleasure to reveal the secrets of my male porn star friend when you started. They are the best sexual position to delay ejaculation. You do not have permission to post. The longer you are interested the more you will be.

In addition to penetrating the genitals, there are other ways to satisfy a woman sexually.Men must have patience and an open mind before having oral sex. They need to know how he wants her to do it, otherwise it won’t help. When a woman is given oral sex, the man should understand this only for the pleasure of the woman, so her likes and dislikes are very important. Sometimes men do not like the idea of ​​giving women oral sex because of the smell in the vagina, and women need to understand this and bathe and wash “her area” properly. Doing this correctly with patience and mutual understanding can improve your sex life and build a stronger relationship.