Are you ready to date again?? 4 Questions to ask before dating again

Falling in love, dating, relationships and breakups are all part of growing up. After a breakup, you want to date again to escape from memories of your previous relationship as a rebound. The thing to understand is that rebound is always filled with memories of your past. Before getting a hot xdate ask yourself some questions. 

Am I really ready?

Of course, the obvious question makes you dive deeper to think and consider if you have time, energy and emotional availability for a new relationship or dating. If you started a new job, have some personal problems or some dreams you should ask yourself if it’s the right time to engage yourself to bring someone new into your life. Maybe you can wait until some aspects of your life calm down. 

Am I over with my Ex?

It is one of the most contradicting questions that need to be resolved before entering into a new phase of life. Heartbreak is painful and the majority of us choose to deal with it instead of living in an unlovable relationship. It doesn’t mean that after a break up you have to dive into the next relationship immediately. After this emotional breakdown, your heart needs some space to heal and think. The baggage from your previous relationship can ruin your new relationship and leave you with more heartache. Be sure what you feel and look at the positive outlook and reconnect with yourself before connecting with anyone.

Am I feeling good about myself?

After a breakup or heartbreak people go through a lot of introspection which can cause overthinking. Stop finding flaws in yourself and feeling bad, instead find a positive outlook and mend the wrong things in yourself. Before he starts loving anyone you should feel good about yourself and love yourself. This is the only way to find love and have a positive relationship. If you are comfortable being yourself without apologizing then it is good but if you are not then you could develop a positive relationship with yourself before starting with anyone.

Do I love myself?

As we discussed earlier being yourself, and loving yourself is not feeling guilty about being yourself.  Sometimes people with low self-love accept the mistreatment for the fear of rejection. They often worry after rejection there will be no one to love them. Before loving anybody else you should love unapologetically yourself. When you love yourself you attract others towards yourself. You can start with doing things that you like, doing exercise and eating healthy and reflect a positive attitude towards yourself every morning.


The decision to date again or not is totally personal for the human being. It’s you who is in charge of this decision. But as long as you are comfortable and have no baggage from your past you should totally find someone you love. Even if you love them and treasure them, remember to put yourself first and everything will fall in place smoothly.